What I do

Maureen Erwin has been managing winning campaigns and effective communications strategies in California since 1998. Her clients have included successful campaigns for federal, state, county and local offices, and ballot measures requiring 2/3 voter approval for schools, parks, roads, and transit infrastructure.

Maureen helps people focus, inspire, mobilize, and win. Her experience includes all aspects of campaigning, including strategy, creative direction, art, earned media, social media, data and applications, nearly twenty years of field organizing, and award-winning direct mail.

Her 2012 campaign for Congressman John Garamendi’s primary campaign focused on a strong GOTV program and shifted his Cook Report rating—removing him from the NRCC’s list of targeted seats.

More recently, she has focused on campaigns around social justice issues:

In 2014, she led San Francisco’s soda tax, which garnered 56% of the vote, despite being outspent 36:1 by the sugary beverage industry.

In 2016, using social media, she initiated and launched the official campaign to recall Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky.

Also in 2016, she led Sonoma County’s successful Measure M campaign on behalf of family farmers, facing opposition from the largest chemical companies in the world. Measure M links four surrounding California counties banning GMO cultivation—creating the largest GMO-free growing zone in the United States.

Maureen has been a featured panelist and speaker at national conferences on the intersection of food and politics. She has trained hundreds of campaign staff and volunteers in grassroots organizing.

Before entering politics, she studied Cultural Anthropology at San Francisco State University and produced the Pacifica Network’s highest-rated radio show, We the People with Jerry Brown, featuring luminaries such as Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Ivan Illich, the Dalai Lama, and Gore Vidal.